Social Heriot Bay Inn 9 August 2013

Activity Social
Location Heriot Bay Inn
Date 9 August 2013
Trip Coordinator Valerie Van Veen
Contact Info
Description You are invited to join the Valley Outdoor Association members for drinks after dinner in the HBI (exact time to be confirmed in August). Your suggestions– and your company on any outing – would be much appreciated.  Over 50 members of VOA will be staying on Quadra from August 9 to 13 for paddling, hiking and cycling.

Mitlenatch Island 5 July 2013

Activity Sail, Naturalist
Destination Mitlenatch Island
Date 5 July 2013
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info 285-3710
Description Travel with JD aboard the Knot Again sailboat to Mitlenatch Island Provincial Park which is home to the largest seabird colony in the Strait of Georgia.  The gulls should have chicks by then and there should also be wildflowers and marine mammals.  To protect the birds the trails are quite limited, but you can cross the island, watch from the bird blind, and talk with the naturalist.  The trip is very weather dependent, so there could be a last minute change.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Inn dock
Departure Time 9:45 am sharp
Costs $25
Trip limits 8 persons
Dogs? No pets at the park
Notes: The expected return time is 6:00.  It is at least two hours travelling time in the boat each way.  What to bring:  lunch, footwear to get wet or waterproof high boots, sun lotion, and protective clothing.  There are life jackets on board.

Hiking Surge Narrows 28 Sept 2013

Activity hiking
Destination Surge Narrows
Date Saturday, 28 Sept 2013
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 285-3978
Description Magnificent views of tidal rapids
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot – gravel area, carpool
Departure Time 09:30
Moderate, 3 km round trip
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? yes
Notes: Bring a lunch & watch Surge Narrows. 1 hour in to ocean, 1 hour out with a possible swim at Mine Lake afterward.

Kayaking Granite Bay to Small Inlet 7 Sept 2013

Activity kayaking
Destination Granite Bay to Small Inlet
Date Saturday, 7 Sept 2013
Trip Coordinator Tak Ogasawara
Contact Info 285-3012;
Description Tour Granite Bay and Small Inlet
Meeting Place Granite Bay dock
Departure Time 9:00
Costs $5.00/ car launching fee
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Bring lunch. Expected return time mid-afternoon.


Backpacking Landslide Lake – Elk River Trail 24-25 Aug 2013

Activity backpacking
Destination Landslide Lake – Elk River Trail
Date Saturday-Sunday, 24-25 August 2013
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info 3710,
Description 11 km each way
Meeting Place Quadra ferry
Departure Time 08:00
Costs $10 per night per person camping fee
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: 1 hour drive to trailhead. Second campsite is 9.1 km in.
Landslide Lake is named after a huge landslide caused by the 1946 earthquake.

Trip Photos – hiking Cortes 22-23 June 2013

On Saturday, six members hiked into Carrington Bay, checked out the narrows to the lagoon at a low tide and the campground.  Everyone continued on the Rave On trail to the Grandmothers’ Grove for lunch.  It’s a great forest with lots of old growth cedar, moss and bracket fungi.  After visiting the Gorge Harbour Marina, three returned to Quadra and the others stayed at the newly renovated campground at Smelt Bay Provincial Park.

Sunday dawned clear and calm at Smelt Bay.  The group hiked up Green Mountain for excellent views in all directions and took a side trip to Nutshell Lake, a lily pond/bog with some unusual plants in the area.  With more time and energy, the group carried on to Easter Bluff, a quick hike to great views to the east, and then on to Brigitte’s and Hank’s Beach.  There was even time for a walk on the beach at Seavista.

hiking Cortes 22-23 June 2013


Trip Photos – Kayak Course Quadra 15-16 June 2013

Six members took the Paddle Canada Level 1 course from Albert Keller of Coast Mountain Expeditions.  The weather was great for the course and the water temperature at the lakes was surprisingly warm.  The first day at Mine Lake focussed on strokes and rescues; the second day near Surge Narrows concentrated on safety, trip planning, braces and rescues.  There was only one unplanned capsize!

It is surprisingly hard to get back into a kayak from the water if you’ve never tried it.  But it becomes much easier after training and practice.

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayak Course Quadra 15-16 June 2013

Trip Photos – Mitlenatch Island 7 June 2013

Eight members took an impromptu trip to Mitlenatch Island Nature Reserve.  They travelled from Heriot Bay to Mitlenatch aboard the sailboat Knot Again under mostly sunny skies and moderate southeast breeze.  The group walked the trails on the island nature reserve, talked with the resident naturalists and took lots of photos.  There were Stellar Sea Lions on a nearby islet, many tiger lilies and other wild flowers in bloom, and Sea Gulls mating and nesting.  If you are interested in participating in a repeat of this trip, please e-mail to

(click on photos to view larger)

Trip Photos – Hiking Nugedzi 2 June 2013

Six people and two dogs hiked to Nugedzi Lakes.  The day was sunny with northwest wind and a perfect temperature for hiking.  There have been a lot of trees blown down in the Nugedzi – Mt. Seymour area over the winter, so progress was a bit slow, but there were no major obstacles.  The trail committee has cleared most of the problems on this trail and flagged detours around the rest. The group had lunch at the lakes and made the side trip to the viewpoint past the beaver ponds on the way down.

Hiking Nugedzi 2 June 2013