Hiking – Carrington Bay and Forest – 1 May 2023

Rescheduled from March 6th.

Activity Hiking
Destination Carrington Bay and Forest, Cortes Island
Date 1 May 2023, Monday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info dmquigg@gmail.com or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator well in advance of the trip, so that car pools can be arranged.
Description After the ferry crossing we will drive to the Carrington trailhead and follow the trails to Carrington Bay and lagoon.  We will have lunch at Carrington Bay and continue on to Grandmother’s Grove following the stream.  We plan to return on the 3:50 pm ferry.
Meeting Place Cortes ferry line-up.
Departure Time 9:05 am ferry; vehicles need to be in the ferry line-up not later than 8:15 am for this  busy sailing.
Easy to moderate.
Costs Ferry travel costs; bring your experience card and ID
Trip limits 12
Dogs? no
Notes: Bring lunch and gear for weather.  Please arrange carpools in advance.

Trip Report – Mt. Washington & Mt. Elma – 22 Mar 2023

Reports are that Mt. Washington has lots of snow.  It’s true.  We started out on the snowshoe trail from Raven Lodge with the vague intention of going to the lakes.  Snow conditions were perfect for snowshoeing.  The trails were broken and there was a sparkling layer of fresh snow.  The sun was bright and warm, the air temperature was good, there was no wind.  The sky was clear and blue.  As I said, conditions were perfect.

Except for one thing.  The trail to Lake Helen Mackenzie crosses a stream on a bridge.  The bridge was packed with snow, up to about a metre above the hand rail.  It was well packed, but too narrow for snowshoes.  And there was no way to avoid it since the stream was open.  We crossed it, but once was enough, so we came back the Battleship Lake route.  It also has a stream crossing with a snow-packed bridge.  That one felt much safer, but it looked as if it might collapse sooner or later.

So we arrived at Lake Helen Mackenzie and stopped for lunch.  We looked around for a further destination.  Mt. Elma looked perfect, so we headed there.  The trail was broken already, so it was an easy, though steep, climb up to the ridge.  The summit ridge was amazing, open meadows with fabulous views.  In particular the mountains io the Forbidden Plateau skyline, all snow covered in bright sun with no clouds blocking the view for once. (13.1 km, 6 hours)


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Trout Creek Falls – 10 Apr 2023

If you would like to do this hike, but not on Easter Monday, please let the coordinator know.

Activity Hiking
Destination Trout Creek Falls
Date 10 April, Monday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info norris.weimer@ualberta.ca; 250-285-3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Saturday evening.
Description We will drive out Menzies Main a short distance to the trailhead for Trout Creek.  This undulating and varied trail passes by three falls, each very different and scenic.  The trail is basic and it may be a bit muddy, rooty and rocky.  There are a few steep sections, but it’s quite short overall.  It can be made into a loop by returning on a logging road.  About 5km; 2½ hours.
Meeting Place QCove ferry terminal
Departure Time 10:00
Costs Ferry
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring gear for the weather and lunch.

Trip Report – Haskins Farm-Fir Crest Loop – 15 Mar 2023

On March 15, 2023 a small group joined the Haskins Farm and Fir Crest walk. It was an easy walk which took approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. We began at the head of the Haskins Farm trail and at the first intersection took a left and walked through the forest, and through the new growth area over to the golf course where we walked along the cart path, past the Fir Crest trail parking and onto the start of the Fir Crest trail continuing down behind the houses of the subdivision to the bottom of the trail where we began the Fir Crest to Haskins Farm trail along the ridge. Deciding to skip the trail down to the beach, we took the trail back through Haskins Farm up to the vehicles.. The whole way is very lovely with a mixture of forest, new growth, and open fairways, while the ridge is particularly beautiful with the moss covered trees and ocean views. (5.9 km)


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Haskin Farm & Fir Crest Loop – 15 Mar 2023

Snow – Mt. Washington Area – 22 Mar 2023

Activity Snowshoeing
Destination Mt. Washington area
Date 22 Mar, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info norris.weimer@ualberta.ca or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Monday night.
Description We will either go Paradise Meadows or to Ramparts Hill, depending on the conditions and the group.
Meeting Place QI Ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:00 ferry
Easy to moderate
Costs Transportation costs and trail pass if we go to Paradise Meadows (Adult $13)
Trip limits None
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring lunch as we may not eat at Raven lodge.  Have reliable equipment and winter gear.

Kayaking – Maud Island and petroglyph at mouth of Morte Creek – 19 Apr 2023

Activity Kayaking
Destination Maud Island and petroglyph at mouth of Morte Creek
Date 19 Apr 2023, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info 250-285-2111; or 250-287-0459 text
Description According to Joy Inglis’s “Petroglyphs of Quadra Island” there are several petroglyphs located along Quadra’s west shore at the outflow of Morte Lake creek just east of Maud Island.
We will put in at the Leishmans Rd shore access by 0900 am and paddle north towards Maud Island. It is about a 1 hr paddle to the old village site of Kawstin at the outflow of Morte Lake creek. Depending on the amount of time spent here we may or may not paddle another 30 minutes into Maud Island and perhaps hike to the Seymour Narrows view point.
Meeting Place Shore access at Leishmans Rd
Departure Time 0900 on the water; meet at 0830
Moderate depending on weather and currents.
Costs None
Trip limits 8
Dogs? No
Notes: The tides/currents will be a factor. In order to view the petroglyphs I am planning our arrival for low tide with less attention to what the current will be doing. Poor weather and/or wind will mean this trip will be cancelled.
All participants must be equipped for ocean paddling in cooler weather – required equipment as per club guidelines (https://qioutdoorclub.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/paddling-guidelines-aug2018.pdf) and appropriate clothing.
I will email to each participant the petroglyph information relevant to the location.
Bring lunch, hot drinks, extra warm layers and something to sit on.

Hiking – Maud Island – 4 April 2023

This trip was originally scheduled for March 13th

Activity Hiking
Destination Maud Island
Date 4 Apr 2023, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Vikki O’Brien
Contact Info resvo2004@yahoo.com, 250-938-2864
Description Maud Island is situated beside Seymour Narrows and has a spectacular view of the narrows and it is a scenic walk in many areas. We will begin the trail from the far end of Morte lake at the Maud Island parking area. This hike is easy walking overall except for a section where it climbs up the bluffs at the base of Mt Lolo and there is a hill to get to the lookout. It is good to have your poles for the bluffs. On the return we will not take the bluffs, but rather will take the shoreline route. Maud Island has a beautiful lookout area where we will have lunch. This is approximately 4 – 4 1/2 hours including the lunch break.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot
Departure Time 10:00
Difficulty Moderate
Costs Nil
Trip limits 12
Dogs? Yes, if under control.
Notes Bring lunch, water, good footwear and walking poles. This hike is approximately 10 km.

Hiking – Heriot Ridge Loop – 29 Mar 2023


Activity Hiking
Destination Heriot Ridge  Loop
Date 29 March 2023, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info lhquadra@gmail.com or 285-2029
Description We will do a circle of Heriot Ridge leaving and returning to the end of Hopespring Road. There will be two short side trips to see old growth. We will also go to Rousseau Rock for lunch and the view.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store
Departure Time 10:00
Difficulty Moderate
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? Okay if under control
Notes: Bring a lunch, clothes for the weather, poles recommended. Will be postponed if heavy rain.

Hiking – Haskins Farm and Fircrest Loop – 15 Mar 2023

Activity Hiking
Destination Haskins Farm, Fircrest and Golf Course Loop
Date 15 March 2023
Trip Coordinator Vikki O’Brien
Contact Info resvo2004@yahoo.com, 250-938-2864
Description We will begin at the Haskin Farm parking area at Smith and Heriot Bay Rd, walk over to the golf course and walk a bit of the golf cart trails, then catch the Fircrest trail back towards Haskins farm, down to the beach and back through Haskin Farm to the vehicles.
Meeting Place Haskin Farm parking area
Departure Time 10:00
Difficulty Easy
Costs Zero
Trip limits 12
Dogs? Yes, if on leash in the Golf Course and under control elsewhere.
Notes Bring a snack, gear for the weather