Trip Report – Newton Lake and Beyond – 26 July 2017

Seven hikers trekked from the Newton Lake trail parking lot to the Lake, where several people swam and we had a quick lunch, accompanied by the intermittent serenade of loons.   We then headed down the trail to Small Inlet, and over to Waiatt Bay.  We returned through the ‘portage’ branch,  which skirts a rather mysterious bubbling spring, then along the beach and back to the main trail. There was a bit of puffing and panting up the rather steep climb back to Newton Lake, where swimmers again enjoyed a cool break.  It was a lovely day, sunny and not too warm.  We met several other parties on the trail (busy for Quadra!).  Except for the steep bit on the return from Small Inlet to Newton Lake, the trail is good throughout, although there is a fair amount of loose rock between the parking lot and the Lake, which makes for tricky footing in parts.  14.8 km; 6¼ hours.


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Hiking – Newton Lake and Beyond – 26 July 2017


Hiking – Mine Lake Bluff – 5 Sept 2017

 This trip has been postponed or cancelled.  

Activity Hiking
Destination Mine Lake Bluff
Date 5 September 2017, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info phone 3978.  Please contact the coordinator in advance.
Description We will leave from the parking area on the road near the Mine Lake access and walk to Camp Homewood.  From there the route ascends steeply the rocky bluff to the north of Mine Lake with great views (weather permitting).  A loop will be made by a trail which descends to the north and circles back to the trail just before Camp Homewood.  The route up the bluff can feel a bit exposed.  On the return, there will be the opportunity for a swim in Mine Lake.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Tru Value parking lot
Departure Time 9:30
Difficulty moderate, and challenging if not comfortable with exposure
Costs none
Trip limits none
Notes: Bring lunch and swimming gear if you wish.

Hike – Nugedzi Lakes and Views – 16 August 2017

Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and Views
Date 16 July 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 3978; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip.
Description Hike up a steep, old logging road and meander through open forest to the lovely Nugedzi Lakes.  If the group wants more, there are side trips to viewpoints looking northeast, southeast and west.  Nugedzi Lake is a good swimming spot.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Difficulty moderate
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs?  okay
Notes: Bring lunch


Hiking – Forbidden Plateau plus Nymph Falls – 1 Aug 2017


Activity Hiking
Destination Mt. Becher
Date 1 August 2017, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info Please RSVP to or 3710 if interested; please contact the coordinator by Sunday in order to assure car pooling
Description The plan is to go to Mt Becher which is on the SE corner of Forbidden Plateau. The trail goes from theold Plateau Ski Lodge up to the sub-alpine summit (1390 m). There is a view down to Boston Lake and views over Forbidden Plateau, Comox Lake, Georgia Strait and the norther Gulf Islands from the top.  On the return, we plan to stop at Nymph Falls to admire the Puntledge River and swim (for those that want to).
Meeting Place Q Cove Ferry parking area
Departure Time Early enough for the 8:00 ferry
Moderate to strenuous;  about 13.5 km return, 580 m elevation gain, about 7 hours
Costs Shared gas and ferry fee
Trip limits None
Dogs? Dogs would need to be on leash in Strathcona Park
Notes: Bring lunch, gear for changes in weather, poles if you use them.  If you plan to swim at Nymph Falls, bring that gear too.


Trip Report – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

After some discussion about the most advantageous direction for doing the loop around Nugedzi Lake and Mt Seymour (lake-then-summit won) 8 hikers set off, did a quick car drop-off and started up the Nugedzi Lake trail. It is steeper than the approach from the Granite Bay Road, and we were happy to do that climb before the day got any hotter. Brief stops were made at a couple of viewpoints, and before noon the group was settled on the “mermaid rock” by Nugedzi Lake. A couple of hikers plunged in for a quick swim. We ate our lunch enjoying the breeze across the lake, and then made our way along the path that skirts the rest of the lake. With more sun exposure, but also more breeze, headed up to the ridge toward Mt Seymour summit. It is not a substantial elevation gain from the lake, but after about 30 minutes of sinuous up-and-down along the ridge one is always thinking “alright – I am ready for the summit”. Once at the top, there was a bit of overcast to temper the sun as we enjoyed the view. The trip down to the Granite Bay Road was a gentle descent, on a pretty mossy trail with welcome shade. We were out by about 3 pm.  10.6 km; 5⅓ hours.


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Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

Trip Report – Morte Lake Loop – 12 July 2017

Nine people and a dog hiked the classic Morte Lake loop.  The weather was good and the trail was in good condition.  A few people went for a swim. 9.5 km; 3½ hours.


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Thanks to Jonathan for the photos.

Hiking- Morte Lake Loop – 12 July 2017

Trip Report – North Gowlland Harbour Bike Trail Loop – 5 July 2017

Seven hikers and one dog enjoyed a short morning hike along the Cash Only bike trail and Yellow Mud trail as far as the large lake/wetland.  We stopped here to have a drink and marvel at the beaver dam.  Luna went for a swim, but was limping when she came out of the water.  After checking her, we decided that she shouldn’t proceed on the hike (another two hours), so we walked her back to the vehicles.  This was the end of the formal outdoor club hike, but Julie offered to take the rest of the group on the Gowlland Harbour trail.  Starting on the south side of the road, near the Missing Links turnoff, the group followed the trail to Rousseau Ridge where they stopped for lunch.  The temperature was climbing at this point so they called it a day and returned to their vehicles.

This hike may be rescheduled at a later date.


Hiking – North Gowlland Harbour Bike trail loop – 5 July 2017