Natural History – Karst Formations – 22 February 2017

 Postponed to 5 April 2017

Activity Natural History
Destination Quadra’s karst formations
Date 5 April 22 February 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info 285-3710 or; please contact the coordinator by Sunday if you are interested in going
Description Visit some of Quadra’s Quatsino limestone formations, an area which contains karst sinkholes, intakes, resurgences and underground streams.   We will visit two or three areas, which involves a bit of driving on logging roads and bush walking.  We will not be walking in caves.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot for car pooling. High clearance vehicles will be preferable.
Departure Time 9:30
Easy to moderate
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Bring lunch and gear appropriate for the weather.  Also, bring a flashlight to see into these geological formations.

Trip Report – Salmon Pt to Oyster River – 24 Jan 2017

Six of us met at Salmon Point Resort for lunch at noon. This is something we had not tried before but was a good social outing. If you have not tried this restaurant you should. It has a great view to Mitlenatch Island and the coastal mountains beyond. They have lunch specials. Their seafood chowder in a bread bowl as well as the calamari is delicious.

After lunch we walked from the resort to the Oyster River. This time of year the trail head can be covered with water but the resort lets the public go through the trailer park sites. Dogs must be leashed. The low land at the first of the walk is a great place to bird watch. We saw many birds, ducks and some trumpeter swans. Last summer much of the trail was moved closer to the ocean and covered with bark mulch. At the south end you go into the Oyster River Nature Park. It is only a 12 acre park but has many small trails. Be careful near the river as part of the path was eroded during the heavy rains. If it is a cold day or you want a break you can stop at the Fisherman’s Pub. We returned to the vehicles via the same route. It was about 6.5 km and took 2 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Salmon Pt to Oyster River – 24 Jan 2017

Hiking – Maud Island- 15 Feb 2017

 This trip is postponed to 25 Feb, Saturday

Activity Hiking
Destination Maud Island
Date 25 15 Feb 2017, Saturday Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029.  Please contact the coordinator prior to the trip.
Description Hike to Maud Island to view Seymour Narrows at a 11.4 knot ebb tide at 10:07. We may go over Mt. Lolo on the way back and the lower route going in. Total distance about 10.5 km
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:00 am
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? Only if they do not go back and forth among people.
Notes: Bring lunch.

Trip Report – Morte Lake & Dead Fish – 18 Jan 2017

The trip to Salmon Point was postponed due to rain, wind and fog on Wednesday morning. Having rained more than 50mm in the last two days, it was really wet out. However, five hardy souls decided to substitute a more sheltered walk and headed out. We walked to the eastern beach at Morte Lake. The trail was quite wet and has seen some erosion with the winter rains. All of the creeks and waterfalls were very active. The group was keen to continue so we walked around the east end of the Lake, hiking up Nirvana and Seven Deadly Sins to the open bluff. We had a watercolour view from there of nearby hills and Discovery Passage before heading down Dead Fish to make a loop returning to the vehicles. This is a lovely walk through open forest, including lakes, creeks and views. The rain diminished and there was a bit of blue sky by the time we finished. 7.3 km; 2½ hours.


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Trip Report – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 11 Jan 2017


We had a beautiful, sunny, cold day for this hike to Haskin’s Farm. We had planned for a simple walk due to snow and ice on trails and roads. However, conditions near sea level were quite good. Seven of us improvised a bit on the plan. We started on the logging road which parallels the Haskin’s Farm Trail, making a nice alley through impressive trees, but skipping the farm. We visited the short Todd’s Loop Trail (a memorial to Todd Scharf), passing through a varied forest, and then continued on to the shoreline viewpoint. Everyone admired the view of Sutil Channel and mainland mountains, soaked up sunshine and warmth before continuing on the unofficial trail heading north along the shore to some excellent old growth Fir. We skirted the private homes and walked up to the golf course for some walking in open spaces with sunshine. 6.4 km; 2 hours.


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Hiking – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 11 Jan 2017

Trip Report – Mt Washington – 4 Jan 2017

We had a perfect winter day for our trip to the Mt. Washington area. It was cold and clear, but warmer on the hill than on Quadra. The ferry crossing was beautiful and there were Orca for added entertainment. We snowshoed from Rampart Hill and arrived early enough that it was not too busy. The 10 of us started up the logging road, taking the route climbing up to the views of the Strait of Georgia and mainland mountains. The scenery was awesome and we’re pretty sure that we could see Mt. Baker faintly to the southeast. The snow had been beautifully sculpted in places, but was mostly very light and powdery still. We gradually worked our way toward Rampart Creek, stopping for lunch in the open sunshine before climbing up to a distinctive steep bluff. We then downclimbed a steep slope with small trees and returned to the logging road to take us back to the vehicles. We passed only a few others on snowshoes and some of them were from Quadra. Altogether a beautiful day. 6.0 km ; 3½ hours.


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Snow – Mt Washington 4 Jan 2017

Snow – Mt Washington – 8 Feb 2017

Activity Snow
Destination Mt. Washington
Date 8 February 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator QIOC
Contact Info;  please e-mail by Sunday night
Description We are planning to snowshoe, but other activities are possible if enough people and vehicles want to go.  We will probably go to the Paradise Meadow area.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry terminal to Campbell River.  Car pools should be arranged in advance.
Departure Time 9:00 ferry to Campbell River.  Those taking cars need to be early enough to get on the 9:00 ferry.
Up to the group.
Costs Ferry, shared fuel and the activity pass, if we go to the prepared trails.  The snowshoe day pass is $10; Cross-country ski pass is $22 or $18 for seniors.
Trip limits Availability of cars going up to Mt. Washington to a maximum of 12
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring equipment, warm clothing and lunch.