Trip Report – Shellalligan Trail – 14 June 2017

The scheduled Beech’s Mountain loop was postponed due to a weather forecast of showers. Instead the group of eight hikers and two dogs hiked the Shellalligan trail. As it turned out, the weather was fine – cloudy and a bit breezy in exposed places, but no rain. We walked along the open rock shelves adjacent to Hoskyn Channel, with good views eastward to Read Island and Dunsterville Island. Further along, we had long views south to Marina Island, Mitlenatch Island and beyond. As the trail turned west and inland a bit we entered Village Bay. Sitka spruce made an appearance along the trail, and numerous very large and gorgeous maple trees greeted the group.   We dropped down to a rocky beach on Village Bay for lunch. The second half of the loop took us through varied forest of different species and age classes, very lush and green at this time of year. Trip time was three hours; 4.7 km. We convened at the home of Valerie and Allard Van Veen in Open Bay for tea and cake, with great views of Open Bay and good conversation. Thank you Valerie!


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Trip Report – Kayak Training – 6 June 2017

QIOC has endeavoured to offer a kayak rescue training session every year as part of our ongoing quest to improve paddler safety and skills. This year, we offered two sessions – one for kayak rescue and a second for edging and maneuvering. Six members took the morning rescue session, where we learned how to rescue another kayaker in the event of an upset, and two more joined three of the morning group for an afternoon of edging skills and new strokes including sweeping, sculling draw, stern rudder, bow rudder and the low brace turn – and various combinations. Under the auspices of Coast Mountain Expeditions, Doug Taylor led the training sessions (for a second year) accompanied by Krista Wall.

All participants were very enthusiastic, praising the support and patience of both instructors (not everybody is absolutely thrilled to turn themselves upside down….). Doug and Krista were also very helpful in advising how to properly rig kayaks for assisted and self-rescue.

The water seemed a bit chillier than last year, but the weather was warm and sunny.

Thanks to Lannie (Coast Mountain), Doug and Krista for a great day, and to all participants – improving our safety skills helps us, and all our fellow paddlers!

Darcy Mitchell

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Kayaking Training – Main Lakes Provincial Park – 6 June 2017

Hiking – Darkwater Lake & Kanish Bay – 28 June 2017

 Rescheduled from June 28

Activity Hiking
Destination Darkwater Lake and Kanish Bay
Date 1 Aug 2017, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip.
Description A short hike to Darkwater Lake on a flagged trail, about 1 km round-trip. There might be swimming potential. Darkwater Lake is a bit south of Kanish Bay. We will also do a short walk to Kanish Bay on an old logging road, about 2 km roundtrip. There is also the possibility of walking an old logging road on Bodega Point if the group is interested.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30 10:00
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? okay
Notes: This trip will be dependent on logging activity in the area. There is quite a bit of driving on active and old logging roads to reach the two areas.


Kayaking – Granite/Kanish Bays – 30 August 2017

Activity Kayaking
Destination Granite and Kanish Bays
Date 30 August 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info
Description Depending on weather conditions, paddle from Granite Bay to Chained Islets, north to Kanish Bay entrance, across to Orchard Bay for lunch and back to Granite Bay. If it’s windy, we’ll likely paddle up to Small Inlet, hike across to Waiatt Bay and back with a stop at Orchard Bay.
Meeting Place Boat launch, Granite Bay
Departure Time 10:00 (come early to unload and prepare)
Costs parking and launch fee at Granite Bay Boat launch (about $5.00)
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: We’ll plan to be back at the boat launch by 4:30 p.m. Bring a lunch and snacks.
Bring all necessary gear to meet the Coast Guard requirements and to ensure safety.

Trip Report – Memekay Caves – 31 May 2017

Seven of us had a great trip to the Memekay Caves. We visited two caves: Chicken II and Scallop Falls. Bill, our guide from Vancouver Island Cave Exploration Group, was full of stories and information. He made us feel at ease as we made our way through the long narrow passages. There were some challenges in the second cave as we climbed, bridged and wriggle through the narrow tunnel with water running through it. We marvelled at the rock formations and Scallop Falls. After lunch we took a short walk along the East Memekay River.


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Thanks to Norris, Bill & Cyndy, Mitch and Sameen for contributing their photos

Natural History – Caving near Sayward – 31 May 2017