Trip Report – Deadfish-Tripod Loop – 10 April 2019

Four hikers enjoyed a three and a half hour hike on the bike trails south of Morte Lake. It was raining when we carpooled at the Heriot Bay store parking lot, less so at the Morte Lake parking area and had stopped within a half hour of leaving the trailhead. We began on the Deadfish Trail and stopped on Deadfish Summit to view Beech’s Mountain and watch wispy clouds rising from Morte Lake. Descending the Seven Deadly Sins switchback trail, the group turned north on Nirvana to connect with the South Morte Lake trail. We followed this east along the mirror-calm lake and stopped for a snack at the sandy beach at the southwest corner of the lake. Before reaching the beach, the view down into the water in the little bay revealed an exquisite turquoise colour – who needs to go to a tropical isle? We proceeded along Tripod Connector (the tripod is still there at the stream crossing) and uphill to Ridge trail, which skirts the base of Deadfish Summit ridge and connects to Lost Rider. At the Lost Rider-Morning Beer Trail junction we headed up onto the open ridge which parallels Deadfish Trail. Along this ridge we had grand views of Chinese Mountains, Hyacinthe Bay and beyond to Cortes Island. This rugged trail proceeds along the open moss-covered bluffs, eventually dropping steeply downhill to the Morte Lake parking lot. Due to the recent rains, the mosses and hanging lichens along the route vibrated with a brilliant green, even more so when the sun made an occasional appearance.


Hiking – Deadfish-Tripod Loop – 10 April 2019


Trip Report – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 2 April 2019

Nine of us hiked by Vic’s Marsh then on to the Stramberg big trees in Main Lakes Provincial Park.  The weather was a perfect and the trail was in good condition and well flagged. The journey offers lots of variety including open marsh, a homestead site, old corrals and a barn, undulating forest trail with rocky bluffs and fern wetlands, and old logging roads.  There has been some erosion this past year of dirt bridges over creeks, but conditions were very dry for early April.  We ate lunch in the swale leading into the grove and then wandered among the trees.   The trees are impressively big  — and old.  There was frequent wolf scat on the trail.  12 km; 5 hours.


Thanks to Norris, Les and Cyndy for the photos, and to Stephen and Carrie for the trail camera photo taken earlier.

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Hiking – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 2 April 2019

Hiking – Ripple Rock Trail – 17 April 2019

Activity Hiking
Destination Ripple Rock Trail
Date 17 April 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator about car pooling by Monday night
Description 8 km round trip hike on Ripple Rock Trail, 16 km north of Campbell River.  This is a classic hike through lovely mature forest, along bluffs and up stairs to the overlook of Seymour Narrows. It’s the other bookend to the Maud Island trail.  Approximate time 4 hours.
Meeting Place Q Cove ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:00 am ferry.  If you are driving, come early for this busy ferry.
Moderate, with some steep sections
Costs Ferry fare
Trip limits None
Dogs? Dogs must not run through the group
Notes: Bring lunch.


Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 24 April 2019

This trip description has been substantially revised.

Activity Kayaking
Destination Gowlland Harbour
Date 24 April 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710
Description The plan is to launch our kayaks at the April Point Marina and go around Gowlland Island.  The exact details will depend on the weather and other conditions.  The weather forecast is good and we are hoping the spring flower will be in bloom.  We will check out the interesting islands, such as Doe, Stag, Fawn, Crow, Wren, Mouse, Vigilant.  This trip is planned around the currents in Discovery Passage.  We will go north on the end of the ebb and return south on the beginning of the flood. About 8 km; 4-5 hours.
Meeting Place April Point Marina
Departure Time 9:30 (arrive, unload and prepare) launch at 10:00
Costs none
Trip limits max 10 kayaks
Dogs? no
Notes: This trip is dependent on weather.  Bring your kayak, paddle and all equipment required by the Coast Guard. Bring your own lunch and water.

Trip Report – Maud Island – 27 Mar 2019

After cancelling this trip in February due to icy conditions, the weather could not have been better. Fifteen hikers, including five guests, enjoyed the cool of the forest and then the warmth of the sun at the lookouts. Some chose to go up and take in the views from Mt. Lolo, giving themselves a wonderful, varied hiking loop, and others chose to do the lower route to the lookout over Seymour Narrows both ways. 

We met up at the Maud Island lookout where we were treated to a number of eagles flying below us and a least one sea lion frolicking in the eddies. Some hikers took the opportunity to lie back in the sun – pretty amazing for March 27.

A dock has been built just before the causeway which allows boats to get in and pick up debris that has washed up in the storms. The bay was extremely clean – many thanks to all who arranged that cleanup.

We had listed this as taking 5 hours with travel, but with such a large group, and many who were new to the hike, we were gone about 6 hours. 10.0 km; 4¼ hours (from trail head and back to trail head).  The drive is 12.8 km and ½ hour each way.


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Hiking – Maud Island – 27 March 2019

Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 20 Mar 2019

This was our last scheduled trip to Mt. Washington for the season.  On this first day of spring, the weather was very warm, up to 14°C on the hill.  Five of us snowshoed under absolutely clear skies and the snow was better than expected considering the heat.  Terry lead us up the Great Big View trail and on to Finger Glades, with wonderful views of the Vancouver Island mountains.  We stopped for lunch near the high point of the trail before making our way back down to the vehicles.  184m elevation gain;  5.6 km; about 3½ hours.  


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Snow – Mt. Washington – 20 Mar 2019

Hiking – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 2 April 2019

This hike has been re-scheduled to Tuesday

Activity Hiking
Destination Stramberg Old Growth Grove
Date 2 April 2019, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 285-3710.  Please contact the trip coordinator prior to the trip.
Description This trail begins near Village Bay Lake and follows open meadows leading into and through the forest on old, unmaintained logging roads. The forest is varied with occasional old growth, creeks, and wetlands.  This is not an official trail.  Expect blow-down and brush. About 13 km; 5 hours or more.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot, to arrange carpools
Departure Time 09:30
Moderate, due to unmaintained trail and quite long
Costs None
Trip limits None
Dogs? Dogs must not run through the group
Notes: Bring lunch and water.