Hiking – Nugedzi Lakes and Views – 21 July 2021


Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and Views
Date 21 July, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Neil Unwin
Contact Info neilunwin08@gmail.com or 604-202-4762 call or text.  Please contact the coordinator by Monday evening.
Description A respectable climb up a rocky old logging road and then along a foot trail through the forest to the Nugedzi lakes. We may also take side trails to viewpoints. About 11 km and as much as 6 hours with lunch, a swim and three viewpoints.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time 9:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? Ok, no running through the group.
Notes: Bring lunch, water and swimwear if you wish to swim.

Hiking – Mt. Elma, Strathcona Park – 28 July 2021

This trip has been postponed


Activity Hiking
Destination Mt. Elma, Strathcona Park
Date 28 July, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info norris.weimer@ualberta.ca or 3710; Please contact the coordinator by Monday evening.
Description We will hike from Raven Lodge up to Battleship Lake and continue on the Forbidden Plateau trail, passing Lady Lake.  The trail up Mt. Elma is not an official, maintained trail.   The Mt. Elma summit  is 1,420m and will have good views in all directions, weather permitting.  Approximately 13 km and 420 m elevation gain.
Meeting Place QCove ferry terminal
Departure Time 8:00 ferry.
Moderate to challenging
Costs Ferry and fuel
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: If you wish to car pool, please make your own arrangements in this COVID transition period.  This trip will only proceed in reasonable weather.  Rain or extreme heat will be avoided. Bring lunch and appropriate gear.

Kayaking – Granite Bay – 16 Aug 2021

Postponed due to high winds

Activity Kayaking
Destination Granite Bay/Small Inlet or Granite Point
Date 16 Aug, Monday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info mitchelldarcy51@gmail.com (preferred); 250 923 5540
Description Depending on conditions, we’ll paddle from Granite Bay to the Chained Islets and to Granite Point, returning via Orchard Bay, or to Small Inlet, with a hike through to Waiatt Bay.
Meeting Place Granite Bay boat launch
Departure Time 9:30 a.m. for 10:00 a.m. launch
Easy/moderate depending on conditions
Costs Parking/launch at Granite Bay ($5.00)
Trip limits 6
Dogs? No
Notes: Please contact the Trip Coordinator 48 hours before the trip to confirm your attendance. A go/no go decision that reflects the weather forecast will be made by noon the day preceding the trip date.
Must have equipment that meets club and coast guard regulations.  Bring lunch and gear for the weather.

Multi-day Kayaking – Jedediah Island – 7-11 Sept 2021

Activity Multi-day kayaking
Destination Jedediah Island via Texada Island
Date 7 to 11 Sept 2021, Tuesday to Saturday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info vicgladish@gmail.com; 250-285-2111
Description Three days on the water; one travel day to get there and one to get home; Camp on Texada on day 1 with the crossing to Jedediah early on day 2. Return to Texada on day 5 and on to ferries and home.  Details will be posted soon.
Meeting Place Quathiaski Cove ferry lineup at 0630
Departure Time 0705 ferry Quathiaski Cove
A 2km crossing from Texada to Jedediah makes this, depending on weather, a more difficult trip.
Cost About $200 for ferries and camping fees
Trip limits 6
Dogs? No
Sept 7  – Travel day; Meet at Q-Cove Ferry by 6:30 AM; to Little River to board 0955 ferry to Powell River; hopefully onto the next ferry to Texada Island; Drive to Shingle Beach Campsite
Sept 8  – Paddle to Jedediah Is
Sept 9/10 – hiking/paddling Jedediah/Lasqueti/ etc
Sept 11 – Paddle back to Shingle Beach; ferries to Powell River (330 pm)/ Comox (510 pm)/ Quadra (??)
This itinerary could easily be shortened by a day for whatever reason. However, it does not allow any time to visit the Townsite Brew Pub 😥.
Please take the time to read the club’s paddling guidelines – https://qioutdoorclub.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/paddling-guidelines-aug2018.pdf
If the weather forecast for the week looks windy/wet on Sunday, Sept 5 we will communicate re cancellation.
Plan to be self-sufficient for camping. NOTE: there is no drinking water on Jedediah so bring enough water for 4 days.
Feel free to email, text (250-287-0459), or call Vic Gladish

Trip Report – Main Lake & Yeatman Bay – 30 June 2021

This hike was all within Main Lake Provincial Park on an old trail that has recently been restored by Quadra Trail Committee volunteers. Eight of us drove to a pull-out on the Surge Narrows Road (identified by a cell-reception sign) and started hiking at 10:00. Even though the temperature was lower than previous days, it was still hot even in the shade of the forest.

The trail descends steadily, first through ferns with occasional muddy spots and we arrived at Main Lake where we stopped for a snack before carrying on to Yeatman Bay on Okisollo Channel. No one braved an ocean swim, but as soon as we got back to Main Lake several hikers jumped in for a refreshing dip. After lunch at the lake, we hiked back to the cars.

Walking time: 3 hours    total trip time: 4.5 hours    distance 10 km


Thanks to Diana and Norris for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)


Hiking – Main Lake and Yeatman Bay from Surge Narrow Rd – 30 June 2021


Hiking – South End Loop – 14 July 2021


Activity Hiking
Destination South End Loop
Date 14 July, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Cyndy Chidley
Contact Info Call / leave message with return phone number: 250 285-3575   Please reply by July 13th, 7 p.m.
Description This will be a loop hike along Kay Dubois Trail, up connector path to Woodlot Trail then 2 1/2 km. south to lovely meadow by creek for snack.  This is a forested walk.   Return to vehicles via Kay Dubois.  Approximately 5 km., 3 hours.
Meeting Place Park at end of Wa Wa Kei Road at northern terminal of Kay Dubois Trail.
Departure Time 10:00
Costs None
Trip limits 12
Dogs? Dogs are welcome
Notes: Bring drinking water and small snack. 

Hiking – Shellaligan Pass Trail – 7 July 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination Shellaligan Pass Trail
Date 7 July, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Vikki O’Brien
Contact Info Call or text 250-938-2864,  resvo2004@yahooo.com  Please RSVP by July 6 at 7pm.
Description We will take Valdez Rd to the turnoff and everyone can follow me in to parking near where the trail loop ends. We can decide to do the shorter loop if it’s too hot out.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time 9:00
Easy to moderate with some rocky terrain and hills.
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? Dogs must not run through the group.
Notes: Bring lunch and drinking water.

Trip Report – Stramberg Creek & North Grove – 23 June 2021

Eight of us hiked north on the old Little Main Lake logging road. This trail has received lots of maintenance this spring which was much appreciated.  The old, grassy, undulating road led us to Stramberg Creek which we crossed without difficulty.  From there the route is a narrow, flagged trail, but still quite well used and easy to follow.  The path meanders through the forest past an impressive old Douglas fir, crosses a wetland before gradually ascending a glade with many old Douglas firs.  We stopped here for lunch before heading back.  It was a hot, humid day and we were happy to swim in Stramberg Lake from the swim rock before heading home.   9.3 km; 4½ hours.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Stramberg Creek and North Grove – 23 June 2021



Trip Report – Strathcona Park-Ralph River – 15-18 June 2021

When the kayak trip to Bligh Island unraveled, the remnants of that trip booked into the Ralph River campground at the last minute.  This was not a carefully scripted trip; we mostly made it up as we went along.

Day 1 – After a late start and a ferry overload wait, we arrived at 3:00 at the campground, set up the tent amongst the amazing old growth trees in the Ralph River campground, and left to begin hiking at 4:00.  Given the time available, we explored some of the trailheads in that area: the Auger Point Traverse (steep), Shepherd Creek route (impressive canyon), Flower Ridge, and Price Creek (river views, then follows an old level road for a while).

(click to enlarge photos)

Day 2 – We hiked up the Buttle Bluffs and Park Main logging roads from the Western Mine road.  These are steep, gated roads surrounded by clear-cuts, but they provide excellent views and a rapid approach to higher elevation destinations.  The spring flowers were still quite good, the geology was fascinating, and there is an excellent water falls at 5 km.  The views of the Buttle Lake valley are really exceptional.  We continued about 7.5 km and 840 meters elevation gain, until we crossed a high point in the road and could see into the next valley surrounded by high mountains.

Day 3 –  We planned to kayak on Jim Mitchell Lake, but that didn’t work out because the condition of the Jim Mitchell Road changes from 2-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive at the Bedwell trailhead.  We didn’t have the right vehicles, so we walked up the road to see the Lake.  We returned part way down the road and then followed the Bedwell Trail out through a beautiful old forest to Thelwood Creek and the suspension bridge for lunch.  After lunch we drove just a bit further and walked the short approach to Lower Myra Falls.  This is always a beautiful falls, with great rock ledges and pools.  There was lots of water coming through the falls with the spring run-off.  The final short hike of the day was the Shepherd Creek loop, which leaves from the Ralph River bridge.  This short trail has a lot of variety with the river, some big trees, a mossy bluff, a wetland, and interesting saprophytes and fungus.  We still had time to explore the campground which is nestled in a beautiful forest between the Ralph River and Buttle Lake with lots of shoreline and views.  There were other folks from Quadra so the evenings were very social.

Day 4 –  We packed up the camping gear and drove to the Buttle Lake boat launch to kayak on the Lake.  We crossed to Rainbow Island in a freshening breeze.  At the moment it’s not an island because the water level in Buttle Lake is quite low.  We paddled to the south, sheltered side, explored a bit and had lunch.  There was a racing shell boat practicing in the lake.  After lunch we poked around some cliffs and an island to the south before returning to the boat launch.  Further exploration would be great, but more water and less wind would have been ideal.

This is an exceptionally beautiful area with access to amazing hiking at the Lake level or in the surrounding mountains.  The combination of the fjord-like lakes, the mature forests and the numerous mountains makes this a wonderful base for hiking and boating.


Hiking – Stramberg Creek and North Grove – 23 June 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination Stramberg Creek and North Grove
Date 23 June, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 3710.  Please contact the trip coordinator by Monday.
Description We will begin at the Main Lakes Park parking access on the west side of Stramberg Lake. The access road is quite rough.  We will hike Little Main Road north, paralleling Stramberg Lake and Creek.  We will cross Stramberg Creek near Shadowbrook Creek and follow a flagged route north of the lake to a grove of old growth trees.  Part of this route has recently been maintained, but not all of it.  We can stop for a swim in Stramberg Lake at the end of the hike.  About 12 km; 4.5 hours without the driving.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot
Departure Time 9:30
Moderate for the length of the hike, the creek crossing and a partly unmaintained route.
Costs None
Trip limits 12
Notes: This involves driving on logging roads.  Come prepared to cross the creek.  Bring lunch and bathing gear if you want to swim.  The Public Health Office COVID-19 restrictions will be observed.